Thursday, 6 February 2014

Jyoti Shingala

There are very few people in this World whom you meet and find a connect instantly. Jyoti Shingala has been one such person for me.

I met Jyoti in my first Organisation 'Air Deccan' in 2007. She was a part of Revenue Management Department and I was a new Joinee there. When I got introduced to her, I instantly got an impression of someone Sweet, Kind and Diligent. 

Born on December 1, 1981, she has done her Education, mostly from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Her Schooling has been in St Rapheals H S School and College from D.A.V.V. She has done M.Com in Taxation and B.Com in Commerce.

Jyoti started her Career in Indore. However, her Career took Wings after Marriage to Mr. Jay Shingala, when she came to Bangalore. Her Ambition and Commitment to do well in Life becomes evident from the Fact that she was able to get a Job in a Travel Agency 'Raj Travels' within 15 Days of coming to Bangalore, which was a totally new City to her.

Thereafter, Jyoti joined the first Low Cost Airline in India, Air Deccan, as Customer Relation Assistant in 2006 and worked there for close to 8 months. She then joined Revenue Management Department in 2007 and worked till 2011. She had to leave the Company as the Department was getting transferred to Mumbai (due takeover of Air Deccan by Kingfisher Airlines) and she did not want to leave her Family behind.

Jyoti is currently enjoying with her Family and taking care of her 4 year old Son. She wants to join back again once her Son grows a little.

Apart from Work, Jyoti is a passionate Reader too. In fact, this was one Good Habit I took from her. There is no known Book which she has not read. You name it and she has read it. She is also a Movie Buff and enjoys watching old and new Films. 

She is a very soft spoken Girl and can never hurt anybody. This Quality of her makes her gel with everybody very well. She is very flexible and can get along with anybody.

In the end I just want to say that Jyoti is an extremely Talented and Ambitious Girl. However, she knows where, when & what to give priority to. I have met her Family and I can rightly say that not only is she a Good Friend but also a Good Mother, Daughter-in-Law and a Good Daughter too. 

Cheers Jyoti!!!


Pragya Banerjee
MBA (Finance); 7+ years of work experience