Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Book Review: Cabin Crew Career Guide

Teacher asked us in the classroom, “Child, what do you want to become when you grow up?” About half of the class said ‘Engineer’, close to the other half said ‘Doctor’; those who were little more adventurous said ‘Pilot’ or ‘Cricketer’ or ‘like some esteemed politician for e.g. Pandit Nehru or Indira Gandhi’. 

Some of us also said ‘like Kiran Bedi’. We were given loud applauds by the teacher and everybody around us for thinking big and were encouraged to keep our goal in front and work towards that by scoring good marks in class. No doubt, we also filled with pride and looked forward to a great future.

How many of us, in 90s, ever thought in our wildest dreams to make a career as a ‘Cabin Crew’ (or ‘Air Hostess’ in common language)? I would say may be 0-1 in a class of 30. This career was not ever thought of forget any kind of coaching in it. The reasons were many. 

First, there were not many Airlines in India. 

Secondly, those that were, recruited ladies with way too much experience in terms of age and the work, more-or-less, had the impression of a kind of a government job where-in you enter and then retire at the age of 60 or near. 

Thirdly, the Career was not looked up in good spirit and many had an impression that it is not a career for girls from good families and cabin crew are mostly brainless girls. Last but not the least, the career was certainly not meant for boys.

I know, the above are bitter but facts. You and I have listened to most of the above and have also nodded in acceptance, willingly or unwillingly. So, if anybody had even a little sparkle in her/his heart to pursue this career, it was cruelly crushed in the bud. That was the time back in 90s.

Well, times have changed now almost 180 degrees, and surprisingly, within a span of 10 years. Thanks to the opening up of the Aviation sector and mushrooming of various Private Airlines, we see now a lot of Young Girls and Boys joining them and enjoying a great career. Working in an Airline as a Cabin Crew is no longer considered a taboo but a career of Glamour, Dignity and Respect. Moreover, the best part is though the job can recruit you just after your school life but it gives a chance to finish your education while working, thanks to its flexible work schedule. It is open for boys who are termed ‘Flight Stewards’ in the same role and what more, gives you a chance to travel the world and meet various celebrities!!!

I am proud to say that a kid from my family, my own Sister, Pragati Srivastava, has made us all proud by Flying for a famous Airline in India for many years and what’s best was that she joined after class 12th and is now an MBA. She completed her education while pursuing her passion.

In connection with her profession and for the extreme love of it, she has come out with a book Cabin Crew Career Guide in association with Capt. Shekhar Gupta, CEO of AeroSoft Corp., where-in she has given step-by-step explanation for the budding enthusiasts to make a career in this field. The book is a training manual in itself and covers all the aspects at a nominal price. I am again proud to say that this is the first attempt by anybody in this field to come out with a full-fledged career guide.

So, boys and girls, think high, aim high and then only you will be able to Fly High. I am sure this book will be a good information guide to you and will help you prepare for a successful future. It will be a mentor, a coach and a friend in your journey to 50,000 ft above the Earth.

To know more and order a copy, please check this link:    http://cabin-crew-career-guide.blogspot.com 

Pragya Banerjee [ MBA (Finance); 7+ years of work experience ]