Saturday, 8 February 2014

Infolinks Review

I have an account with Infolinks, which is an online advertising agency. I had heard that it is a very professional company but got a proof of it few days back.

I have optimized my blog with four kinds of ads from Infolinks; 'intext', 'insearch', 'intag' and 'inframe'. While 'intext' and 'intag' were working fine for me, however I was not able to see 'insearch' and 'inframe' ads. I tried reoptimizing but nothing changed.

I thought of sending a mail to the support team, with not much hopes of getting a reply. 

But I was astonished to find a full fledged reply from them just after a day (even though their normal reply time is 2 days). Their executive Ms. Dana was kind enough to explain in detail the situation and the solutions.

Some excerpts from it, if anybody is facing similar problem:

'Kindly note that since InSearch is oriented for visitors who come from search engines you won't be able to see it directly on your website pages. However, please be assured that once you enable InSearch, all visitors from search engines will be able to see it.

With regards to InFrame, it can only appear if your display resolution leaves enough room for the ads to appear. This product may also be blocked in cases when there are other web elements stretching over the entire width of your website's pages.

I believe your website's header or footer are stretching across your site's pages, which is probably why you are unable to see InFrame ads. Please try to resolve this issue by removing these elements or contact your webmaster for further assistance.'

I would suggest all bloggers to integrate Infolinks on their site, if they wish to monetize their blogs. You can visit the website at and can Login. 

Though I still have to get a good amount of traffic to get Infolinks Payment, but I am sure with a professional company like Infolinks, that day is not far.  


Pragya Banerjee
MBA (Finance); 7+ years of work experience